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Do You Like Wind Turbines? Commented on: 2 years ago (December 13, 2013)

I think it's pretty rude to stroll in here and call someone else a liar.

3 Lessons From A Greenpeace Dropout Commented on: 2 years ago (December 11, 2013)

You lost me at "people like you."

Death And Destruction Show Green Energy Isn’t So Green Commented on: 2 years ago (December 11, 2013)

There's so much to say. I am dismayed to see the tribalism here, both in the article and in the comments.

I think there are tradeoffs with all forms of energy, renewable and mined. So, when...

4 Things Anti-Beef Pundits Are Saying About You Commented on: 3 years ago (July 21, 2013)

I am disappointing that you included "The 10 Reasons they Hate you So" on your list. It is an absurd, ultra-defensive, highly misleading, caricatured, hyper-political document.

If ranchers...

Farm Kids Are Healthy Commented on: 3 years ago (January 24, 2013)

Since when does not playing video games confer immunity from microbes? Ah, but you say, being out in the fresh air on the ranch is best for the kids! Yes, I retort, except for the kid I know who...

The Cowboy Way Is Backed With Morals, Values Commented on: 3 years ago (January 20, 2013)

I have a good friend who grew up in Eastern Oregon, and spent a lot of time hunting with his grandfather. He likes to quote his grandfather telling him that the outdoors was his church, and that's...

Could You Go Vegan For Two Weeks? Commented on: 3 years ago (January 20, 2013)

I eat about 125 pounds of beef a year, measued by pre-cooking weight. I've kept my weight within about a 10-pound range. To the extent I've gotten hefty at times, it's been a matter of chocolate,...

Beef Up Your Classroom Visits Commented on: 3 years ago (December 27, 2012)

I have a few things to say about this, and I hope people here will read my comments with an open mind.

First, in another lifetime long long ago and far far away (30 years to be exact), I...

Who Has The Best Beef Cow? Here’s One Candidate Commented on: 3 years ago (December 15, 2012)

I wish there were pictures of all these cows. All in a day's work for you folks, but I live in the city and I love pictures of cows, especially if they're your favorite cows.


ABC’s Avila Launches Fishy Food Attack Commented on: 3 years ago (December 15, 2012)

Thank you for your posting.

As a city dweller who loves beef, I sometimes worry about what's in it. Lately, I've solved that by buying directly from a rancher who I know and trust. His...

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