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Commentary: Pondering the many sides of sustainability Commented on: 31 weeks ago (May 3, 2016)

Bill says the pairs were not his. He says there are several Bill McKees around and he occasionally gets a sale barn check for cattle that one of the others sells. A phone call and a laugh clears...

Missouri beef producers shoot down state checkoff Commented on: 31 weeks ago (April 28, 2016)

That was exactly the reason behind the effort in the early 1980s that produced the current checkoff we have now. Back then, we had a hodgepodge of state checkoffs collecting anywhere from 25 cents...

Pay Attention To Cow Nutrtition Now For Results Later Commented on: 41 weeks ago (February 17, 2016)

It's a combination of age and weight. Generally, heifers need to be 50% to 65% of their mature cow weight before breeding. Typically, those heifers are born the first 21 days of the calving season...

Coping with wolves in Wisconsin: Part 1 Commented on: 42 weeks ago (February 14, 2016)

I am disappointed that nowhere your article “Coping with wolves in Wisconsin” do you mention non-lethal deterrence.

Hunting and killing predators has long been the only way we deal with...

Herd expansion update: Is 2015 beef cow liquidation up or down? Commented on: 48 weeks ago (December 31, 2015)

That's because nobody has made any comments, other than you, on this article. All approved comments are available for everyone to read.

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Why I disagree with Temple Grandin on reteaching predator instincts in cattle Commented on: 1 year ago (May 3, 2015)

Temple Grandin responds:

The article I wrote in BEEF magazine titled “Experts say ranching done right improves the environment and wildlife habitat” was a summary of presentations given...

When should you call the vet on a difficult calving? Commented on: 1 year ago (February 6, 2015)

BEEF veterinarian columnists Dr. Dave Sjeklocha and Dr. Mark Hilton respond:

If it were me, I would definitely reposition the feet, apply some OB chains or straps to the legs and assist the...

How To Prevent Foot Rot In Cattle Commented on: 2 years ago (September 25, 2014)

A reader in the Douglas, WY area called to pass along some tips that have worked well for them in managing foot rot. They provide salt that includes EDDI, an organic iodine, which helps prevent...

Tools & Programs Exist To Help New Ranchers Commented on: 2 years ago (September 22, 2014)

The main number for the Nebraska Center for Rural Affairs is 402-687-2100.

The phone number for the University of Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is 308-367-4124 or 800-338-7847...

USDA Tracks Desired Cattle Traits in 2,000 Bull Project Commented on: 2 years ago (September 19, 2014)


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