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    Seedstock 100 | #94 Dalebanks Angus

    Seedstock 100 | #94 Dalebanks Angus...More
  • Jan 21, 2015

    4 benefits of the seedstock business; plus: top 100 seedstock producers listed

    There are many reasons to love raising purebred cattle; here are four. Plus, check out the who’s who in the seedstock business, with a listing of the top 100 breeders in the U.S....More
  • Jan 1, 2015
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    Seedstock 100

    Seedstock 100 | 2015

    None of the folks you’ll find in this inaugural BEEF Seedstock 100 list are average. Whichever door they took to the seedstock business, be it by birthright, extending an existing commercial program, or as a cattle pilgrim, they’ve plied their trade for decades. If and when they exit the business, it will be their choice and on their terms....More
  • Dec 29, 2014

    Download of 2015 Seedstock 100 listing  

    Welcome to the 1st annual edition of BEEF magazine's Seedstock 100, a listing of the top seedstock producers in the beef industry, including bull sales volume and contact information....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #95 Yardley Cattle Company

    Yardley Cattle Company is headquartered in Beaver, Utah. Yardley Cattle Company strives to raise Black Simmental, Angus and Maine Anjou cattle that are easy-fleshing and structurally sound with the performance and eye appeal to work in either the feedlot or the show ring....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #63 Hoffman Ranch

    Hoffman Ranches is a family owned and operated cattle ranch near Thedford, Neb., that has over 50 years’ experience breeding top quality Hereford and Angus cattle....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #102 Vintage Angus Ranch

    Vintage Angus Ranch lies in the heart of Modesto, Calif. It is the goal at Vintage Angus to create Angus animals with powerful and predictable genetics that are complete and offer total performance....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #93 Van Newkirk Herefords

    Van Newkirk Herefords is a family-owned ranching operation dating back to 1892, when Lorenzo Van Newkirk started mating Hereford bulls to his Longhorn cows....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #105 Redd Ranches

    It is the mission of Redd Ranches to supply their customers with Red Angus and crossbred cattle that are genetically superior and better acclimated to the harsh conditions of the West, refusing to compromise on performance....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #76 BB Cattle Company

    In 2007, Joe Bennett of BB Cattle Co. and Terry Tolbert of Nacogdoches, Texas, came together and decided that they could benefit the cattle industry by merging their knowledge of cattle production....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #103 McConnell Angus

    McConnell Angus is located in Dix, Neb., and focuses on producing only the best Angus cattle. They aim to raise quality herd sires and breeding stock that are not only feed efficient and functional, but also eye-appealing and high performing....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #98 Topp Herefords

    When you buy a bull from Topp Herefords, you buy a lot more than just a bull. You become part of the TH/SB&B Alliance that provides a variety of benefits in marketing your feeder calves....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #101 Lindskov Thiel Ranch

    Lindskov-Thiel Ranch is located on the high plains of western South Dakota about 60 miles west of the Missouri River at Isabel. The purebred herd, including 250 Charolais and 200 Angus females, runs on native, short grass pastures where the annual rainfall is 16 inches and 20 to 25 acres are needed to run a cow....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #104 Rausch Herefords

    In the years that Rausch Herefords has been producing registered Herefords, 600+ Rausch cows have qualified for the breed's Dams of Distinction list. More than 200 bulls and 300 females from the top of the herd sell annually....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #100 Lazy TV Ranch

    Thorstenson Gelbvieh & Angus, also known as Lazy TV Ranch, is 3 ¼ miles west of Selby, S.D. and focuses on providing trouble-free, performance seedstock. A family-run operation, it is operated by Vaughn Thorstenson and Brian Begeman....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #37 Knoll Crest Farm

    Knoll Crest Farm is located in the beautiful rolling hills of south side Virginia. A family operation, Knoll Crest has been producing seedstock genetics since 1944....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #99 King Ranch

    King Ranch’s cattle operation aims to achieve higher degrees of efficiency and excellence, and better respond to the demands of an ever-changing beef cattle market. Conducting within-herd EPDs, King Ranch can continuously upgrade and improve its purebred Santa Gertrudis herd comprising approximately 1,100 animals....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #64 Jamison Herefords

    Jamison Ranch is a family operation that has been raising top quality Hereford cattle for over 40 years. The Quinter, Kan., operation is based on meeting the needs of the commercial cattleman, as their cattle are bred for efficiency, soundness and muscling, with an emphasis on maternal traits....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #90 Hinman Angus

    Hinman Angus at Malta, Mont., is a family operation that got its start in 1973 when Dave & Yvonne purchased their first bred heifers from Lund’s B Bar Angus in Wibaux, Mont....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #54 Evans Farms

    Evans Angus focuses on producing top-quality cattle under the Texas heat. Functionality, performance, and efficiency are all important players in the success of Evans Angus Farm....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #98 Bar T Bar Ranches

    The number-one breeder and owner of Dams of Merit and Dams of Distinction in the U.S. is Bar T Bar. Located in Winslow, Ariz., Bar T Bar produces quality seedstock for real-world cattlemen using a proven composite Angus, Red Angus, Gelbvieh program....More
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    Seedstock 100 | #97 Arntzen Angus Ranch

    Arntzen Angus Ranch is a family-operated ranch located in the heart of Hilger, Mont., just north of Lewistown. “Our cattle philosophy is simple; easy fleshing, high maternal, easy-calving cattle that have genetic emphasis on performance and carcass traits.”...More
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    Seedstock 100 | #75 3C Christensen Ranch

    The roots of 3C Christensen Ranch go deep in the rolling hills of central South Dakota for nearly a century. While their practices have advanced with time, the family keeps the age-old concepts of practicality and integrity as the basis of their operation....More

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