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  • JBS Purchases Canada's XL Foods
    Nov 2, 2012

    JBS’s Canada Move Cements Its Beef Dominance

    The acquisition of XL Foods by JBS is likely to mean that the readjustment of the big four packers appears to have found an equilibrium. I don't expect we'll see much change in this hierarchy until something dramatically alters the economics of the business for another player to emerge and/or replace another....More
  • Jun 22, 2012

    Cull Cow Value Skyrockets In Today's Market 1

    Americans’ appetite for ground beef is great news for cow-calf producers. Given the tight supplies of lean manufacturing beef, cull cows have become almost as valuable as gold. Demand for cull-cow beef is outstripping the domestic supply, which has meant record-high prices for lean boneless beef (90CL), cow carcasses and the cows themselves. Cull cows historically have accounted for 20% of a cow-calf producer’s annual income. This might have risen a notch or two over the past year, although calf prices have also hit record levels....More
  • May 28, 2012

    LFTB And BSE; Why Two Different Outcomes?

    Public relations disasters can be as real and damaging as anything Mother Nature can conjure....More
  • May 24, 2012

    Vilification Of LFTB Reaches From Industry To Consumers 2

    I bought a package of fresh ground beef at the grocery store the other day. It was a good deal at $2.49/lb., as retail ground beef prices have been rising the past year, like all other beef prices. Ground beef is no longer as price competitive with pork or chicken items as it used to be....More
  • May 11, 2012

    Hype Trumps Science In LFTB Debacle 2

    Lean finely textured beef (LFTB), a product resulting from a process approved by the Food and Drug Administration 20 years ago, and used in hundreds of foods, as well as ground beef, was at the center of a controversy initiated by consumer media and stoked by social media. The sensational attention, in the face of science totally to the contrary, led to a precipitous decline in its use. The result was that BPI, maker of LFTB, announced this week the permanent closure of three of its four manufacturing plants....More

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