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  • ranch kid work ethics
    Jul 28, 2014

    Is Ranch Life A Form Of Child Abuse? This Farm Girl Responds. 22

    While some might call ranch work a form of child abuse, others call it a blessing, an opportunity and a gift. Here is my response to one blogger’s comments that making your children work on the ranch is abusive....More
  • 3 alternatives to replacement beef heifers
    Jul 23, 2014

    3 Alternatives For Replacement Beef Heifers 4

    A well-run, profitable ranch should be able to cull cows at any age and make a good profit from the cow’s lifetime production when you include her sale weight. Here are 3 alternatives to retaining replacement beef females....More
  • Jul 8, 2014

    5 Tips For Minimizing Heat Stress In Cattle 2

    Hot summer temperatures can cause heat stress in cattle, which can reduce breeding efficiency, milk production, feed intake and weight gains. Here are five tips to minimize heat stress....More
  • herd bull health tips
    Jun 18, 2014

    How Is A Herd Bull Like A Baseball Player? 2

    Here are five resources to make sure your bull battery is ready to perform this breeding season....More
  • Jun 6, 2014

    Are You Leaving Money On The Table? 14

    Implanted calves will provide an extra 15-30 lbs. in weaning weight. This will add up fast in today’s feeder-calf market. At $2/lb., this results in an extra $30-$60/head....More
  • Jun 2, 2014

    10 Resources For Breeding Success 2

    Every year, I dread when the semen sales rep makes his way to our house. It’s not that I’m not excited about the new genetic potential that’s available each year to utilize on our cattle, but I sure hate the bill, not to mention the time and labor that goes with it!...More
  • Apr 27, 2014

    Whose Definition Of Sustainability Should We Abide By? 2

    We as farmers and ranchers should do all we can to understand sound ecology and manage to make our operations economically and ecologically sustainable. Hopefully this will demonstrate to consumers that we care, we are competent and we can produce an abundance of safe food while caring for the environment....More
  • Apr 15, 2014

    Nevada Standoff Grows From Grazing Fees To Much More 38

    The Nevada standoff was initially over unpaid grazing fees by Bundy, but the issue has grown to a significance well beyond that in many Americans’ minds....More
  • Mar 31, 2014

    NPR Suggests Cattle Degrade The Environment 22

    I was disappointed to read Eliza Barclay’s article, “How Your Love Of Burgers May Be Helping To Drive Wildlife Extinct,” which appeared in NPR’s The Salt recently. The article suggests that meat lovers are the real reason the environment is in such desperate shape....More
  • Mar 30, 2014

    Harlan Projects $276/Cow Profit In 2014

    After another month of record cattle prices. I’d planned on moving to another subject in my April 2014 column, but I am compelled to the observations of my mid-month price analysis. Figure 1 presents the eastern Wyoming-western Nebraska sale-barn prices for the week of Feb. 15. All steer calves weighing less than 620 lbs. brought over $200/cwt., 800-lb. feeder steers averaged $170/cwt., and 10 head of 1,053-lb. feeder steers sold for $150/cwt....More

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