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  • winter storm atlas
    Oct 14, 2013

    Consumer Outreach Needed After Winter Storm Atlas 10

    Some online commenters blame ranchers for cattle deaths due to winter storm Atlas. Here's how ranchers can respond to these negative accusations....More
  • Oct 10, 2013

    Ranchers Prove Resilient In Aftermath Of Winter Storm Atlas 2

    It will take some time to arrive at an accurate accounting of lost animals and damages but, by all reports, Atlas was one of the most devastating storms to hit South Dakota....More
  • Apr 1, 2013

    A Drought Management Plan Is Key

    A written drought plan is a good idea, because it allows you to define some areas where decisive items can be addressed and be proactive rather than reactive as you enter a drought, while you're dealing with a drought and as you exit a drought....More
  • what if drought continues in cattle country
    Mar 25, 2013

    What If The Drought Continues In 2013? 2

    What if the drought continues into 2013? Market Adviser columnist Harlan Hughes suggests that under certain drought plans it might pay to purchase feed. However, if you are considering retirement in the next 10 years, you have different options to consider....More
  • drought strategy cost harlan hughes
    Feb 25, 2013

    Strategies To Build Back The Beef Herd After Drought

    A conventional drought repopulation strategy is to buy back as many bred heifers after the drought as cows were sold during the drought. The example rancher in my previous three columns sold 50 bred cows from his original 250-head cowherd in 2012; therefore, he wanted to evaluate buying back 50 bred heifers in spring 2013....More
  • selling cows after drought
    Jan 24, 2013

    This Year’s Drought Is High-Stakes Poker 6

    An oft-repeated phrase throughout the past few years is that “you can’t feed your way out of a drought.” I understand that logic, but the decision is a whole lot simpler if you could plan to buy back from a market similar to the one you sold into, or if you believed you could purchase similar quality genetics at similar premium or discount levels....More
  • drought depoulation & repopulation
    Jan 23, 2013

    Thoughts On Repopulating A Beef Herd After Drought

    In times of drought, ranchers should focus most of their management energy on cash flowing the herd through the drought and beyond. Remember, a drought’s cash-flow impact on a herd is 7-10 years....More
  • culling cows after drought
    Dec 20, 2012

    Consider The Invisible Costs Of Your Drought Strategy 3

    In a continuation of the drought strategies analysis, we project the invisible costs of having fewer calves to sell in the years following the 2012 drought.....More

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