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  • Dec 17, 2012

    Beef Production Gets Spotlight On Anderson Live! 2

    Yesterday, I blogged about flying from my sweet spot in rural South Dakota to the Big Apple, and today, I’m going to write about when a New York City girl visited a cattle ranch in Kansas. Rancher Debbie Lyons-Blythe, through the support of the U.S. Farmer and Rancher Alliance (USFRA), opened up her home and ranch to a consumer from the big city, who asked some tough questions about the beef business. Her answers were featured on the daytime television show, Anderson Live, last week....More
  • Dec 5, 2012

    Make Plans To Attend The Boilermaker In New York In 2013

    Earlier this week, Jean O’Toole, representing the New York Beef Industry Council (NYBIC), spoke at the South Dakota Beef Industry Council meeting. South Dakota beef producers support promotional efforts in the state of New York, where people outnumber cattle 8-to-1, unlike my own state where cattle edge out people 4-to-1....More
  • Oct 9, 2012

    School Lunch Menus Change As A Result Of The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010

    National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) Vice President of Government Affairs Colin Woodall talks about the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, which was enacted during this school year. Also, NCBA’s Assistant Director of Food and Nutrition Outreach Shelley Johnson, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, explains that beef is still a major part of the lunch tray....More
  • Sep 20, 2012

    Five Hot Topics Ranchers Should Know About 3

    Whether you’re driving the combine harvesting corn or riding your horse checking calves in the pasture, chances are you might have missed some of the big news items that have hit the mainstream media related to the beef industry. T...More
  • Aug 14, 2012

    Consumer Perceptions Will Determine Agricultural Practices 10

    Last week, I spoke at the second annual Animal Welfare Symposium, held at the University of Arkansas. The event focused on animal husbandry topics such as state laws regarding animal welfare, consumer perceptions, educating the public and improving modern agriculture practices. One of the featured speakers was Candace Croney, Purdue University associate professor of animal sciences, who spoke about the factors impacting public perceptions of animal welfare and animal rights....More
  • Jul 13, 2012

    Drought Means More Beef In The Short Term

    Increasing supplies of beef in the short term are likely as drought-induced culling and lighter placements continue for another year. But those same drought concerns are darkening prospects for the bin-busting crop predicted earlier in the growing season....More
  • Jun 29, 2012

    Opinion: Some Random Thoughts On Random Topics

    Like all of you, my mind often wanders and ponders many things as I go about my work week. Here’s a sampling of my thoughts on a few different issues that cropped up this week....More
  • Jun 28, 2012

    Bug Bites Can Turn You Vegetarian 5

    It sounds like science fiction, but researchers believe that more than 1,500 people in 17 states have developed allergic reactions to red meat after being bitten by the Lone Star Tick....More
  • Jun 21, 2012

    The Balancing Act Of Consumer Perception 3

    With today’s consumers far removed from first-hand knowledge of the production process, they are increasingly being swayed to the belief that modern agriculture is somehow bad for consumers and/or producers. Thus, the industry must not only develop a more comprehensive strategy to defend valid production practices, but be proactive rather than reactive in the process....More
  • Jun 6, 2012

    Consumer Trend: Bigger, Better, But More Spendy Burgers

    Memorial Day weekend is officially the kickoff to summer grilling season, and now that it’s passed, many are speculating whether consumers will be splurging on meat or saving their money this summer. As food prices rise, what is the latest consumer trend? Despite the cost, it appears Americans are still in love with big, juicy burgers and steaks!...More
  • May 28, 2012

    Roper Apparel Celebrates Beef Month

    From Asian short ribs to Greek steaks, amateur chefs and ranchers brought a taste of world cuisine to BEEF magazine in celebration of May Beef Month. Winners of the ground beef and steak recipe contests receive $125 boot gift certificates from Roper Apparel. Today, we announce the best summer grilling recipe....More
  • May 17, 2012

    Videos: Sizzling Steaks, Family Dinners, Chef Creations

    Two new checkoff-funded “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” online advertising video commercials will be making their world debut this week. Just like the classic Sam Elliot spots, these are sure to be instant classics! The advertisements were created by the beef checkoff program and will generate millions of impressions online....More

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