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  • Apr 25, 2012

    Angus VNR: Cut Costs, Add Value

    Troy Marshall, BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly editor and a registered Angus breeder from Burlington, Colo., talks about ways to add value to your cattle. This video news is provided by Certified Angus Beef LLC and the American Angus Association. Visit or for more information....More
  • Apr 19, 2012

    Industry Was Too Late On LFTB Issue 2

    April 12, 2011, was the day that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver launched the “pink slime” term into the blogosphere with a crude, but compelling, depiction on TV of how BPI manufactures its lean finely textured beef (LFTB). That’s also the day the industry and BPI should have gone on the offensive against this and other gross misrepresentations of a legitimate, nutritious, safe and economical source of protein for Americans....More
  • Apr 11, 2012

    Seriously Dude, It’s Beef! 18

    With Beef Month just around the corner, it’s time to gear consumers fired up for summer grilling season, which kicks off in May! But, with concerns about beef safety and quality, in regard to the recent media frenzy pertaining to lean finely textured beef (LFTB), we certainly have our work cut out for us in order to regain consumer confidence in our product....More
  • Apr 10, 2012

    Angus VNR: Premium Grids Reward Premium Cattle

    Tracy Thomas, vice president of marketing for U.S. Premium Beef, talks about the importance of carcass data in making beef improvements. This video news is provided by Certified Angus Beef LLC and the American Angus Association....More
  • Apr 4, 2012

    Consumer Weighs In On Beef Controversy: “Dude, It’s Beef.” 47

    Andrew Revkin admits to not eating much beef in his household. Since he’s not a huge fan of steak and burgers, it would seem likely that the smear campaign against the beef industry would please him. But, that’s hardly the case....More
  • Mar 30, 2012

    Opinion: Pink Slime Issue Exposes Our Industry Traitors 18

    Lean, finely textured beef is a safe, USDA-approved product and process that's been used for 20 years and provides an additional 10-12 lbs. of lean protein from each beef animal, thus improving the industry’s efficiency and making high-quality protein more affordable to consumers. But when the sensational media coverage of “pink slime” hit the nation’s news appetite last week, we didn’t expect that livestock groups like the Organization for Competitive Markets would join anti-meat and anti-big agriculture groups in demonizing the safe product....More
  • Mar 27, 2012

    Food Movement Escalates As Traditional Environmentalism Stalls 3

    Food should taste better. That’s the drive behind the new foodie takeover, a food movement revolution where consumers are seeking locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables and meats produced by small, family-owned ranches, and specialty seasonings, herbs and cheeses found in main street shops....More

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