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  • man loses weight on McDonald's diet
    Jan 15, 2014

    Moderation And Choices, Not Hysteria, Will Fight Obesity 4

    Iowa teacher imparts valuable life lessons using a McDonald’s menu....More
  • chipotle ads attack agrigulture
    Sep 19, 2013

    A Scarecrow Aptly Named 3

    Here’s an inconvenient truth—negative marketing works. Or perhaps “unfortunate” is a better word. From politicians still in office to those on the outside, like Al Gore, negative marketing is standard fare. Now it appears the same holds true in the food world....More
  • pork prices buy up beef market share
    Jun 27, 2013

    Pork Is The New Poultry As It Buys Market Share

    The lesson for the beef industry is that we had better figure out a way to combat these market share-buying strategies by our pork and poultry competitors, because they certainly aren't backing off on their efforts....More
  • withdrawal guidelines for food animal drugs
    Jun 25, 2013

    A Guide To Understanding Animal Drug Withdrawal Times 2

    The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) sets slaughter withdrawal times for approved food animal drugs. Let’s discuss the work that goes into ensuring their safety....More
  • ground beef safety
    Jan 2, 2013

    Canada Offers U.S. Consumer Lessons

    A study conducted by the Canadian Food Safety Alliance in early December indicates that half of respondents believe E.coli incidents have been increasing over the last five years. Even more concerning is that 42% of Canadians say they've decreased their consumption of beef as a result....More
  • Oct 26, 2012

    HSUS Video, 'A Pig's Tail' Targets Young Children

    A new animated video from the Humane Society of the U.S. aimed at young kids builds on HSUS’s strategy of appearing to side with “family farms” and against corporate or modern agriculture. The livestock industry can’t compete with HSUS in dollars spent, number of lawyers, or a sympathetic mainstream media, but producers can utilize social media tools to reach consumers directly....More

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