The newly released Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) 2011 Spring EPDs include two new genetic prediction tools for carcass weight (CW) and yield grade (YG). RAAA says the incorporation of the two new carcass EPDs will have a direct impact on carcass value by empowering producers to better predict the profitability of their beef product through carcass traits and feedyard profitability.

“The deflated Choice-Select spread and reduced cattle numbers across the nation have combined to refocus the industry’s selection pressure away from simply increasing marbling scores, and looking instead at placing greater selection pressure on carcass weight and lower Yield Grades,” says Larry Keenan, RAAA director of breed improvement.

CW predicts differences in hot carcass weight and is expressed in pounds, while YG predicts differences of carcass yield grade score and is expressed in USDA Yield Grade score (1- 5). To learn more, visit the “Genetics” page on the RAAA website at

--RAAA release