I was sitting in Paulo Francini's classroom in Florence, Italy, as a college exchange student when a discussion broke out about the "polli enteri," whole dead chickens that hung in markets throughout Italy. We Americans thought they were disgusting, at best, and perhaps even unsanitary.

Francini explained that as a kid accompanying his mother to market, he had learned how to determine the health of the chicken and that it was in America where he grew concerned because there was no way to figure out where our shapeless, processed and plastic-wrapped birds came from or what condition the bird was in before it met its demise.

Fast-food chain Taco Bell, accused of selling taco filling made mostly of filler, began an aggressive advertising campaign to assure consumers that its product is largely (88%) beef. Will this risky strategy assuage the average Taco Bell consumer or increase scrutiny of the chain that has not been afraid to "think outside the bun" with its advertising and marketing strategies?

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