A study of Northern Beef Packers' economic impact on this region was good news to our ears, writes the editorial staff for the Aberdeen News.

According to the study by consultant Rod Bowling of AgriFood Solutions International, the plant will generate a $10.1-billion economic boon to the region in the next five years and have an annual $2.5-billion effect by its fifth year.

We assumed that the 51-page, $52,000 report — paid for by the South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development — would be positive; otherwise, Brown County leaders and beef plant officials might not have been so quick to schedule a news conference to release the results.

Now nothing is set in stone when it comes to the beef plant's effect on the area, and we can't start counting the money yet. But the study portends good things for this region's economy. Even if the study overshot its mark by a couple of billion, we're still talking about significant difference-making dollars.

The timing of the announcement was interesting because work continues on the plant, with no firm launch date in place.

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