For many people, this time of year is one where we can look forward to finally seeing green grass. For ranchers, it's a time to make sure all their paychecks survive through unpredictable weather so they can turn a profit.

A bull calf less than two hours old is one of the latest additions to the Gill Red Angus Ranch near Timber Lake, SD. And he'll soon be joined by several more additions.

"About every calving season, you see a lot of different things happen," Larry Gill says.

Having ranched for more than 40 years, Larry has seen quite a few different things. He's faced snow, rain and various diseases in his herd. Sometimes warm weather, sometimes frigid. Through it all, the goal is to keep as many calves alive as possible in order to make a profit.

So when calving season hits, it's not just work; it's a lifestyle.

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