The days when Red Angus cattle were discounted at sale barns are quickly fading away and Red Angus breeder Corey Gall of Tripp, SD can easily explain what made him start cultivating his own 50 head herd of red hides.

“Disposition,” he quickly states. “Add to that the same strong maternal and carcass qualities of this breed and I can't see any reason not to raise this breed of cattle.”

In starting his herd, Gall noticed a Red Angus ad in a magazine in the mid-1990s that mentioned the word “docility.” He made a call to the Red Angus Association and they promptly pointed him in the direction of a Red Angus breeder who was selling down due to his age.

“When I visited the breeder and we walked out amongst his cows, I couldn't believe that they just stood there and stared at us,” Gall says. “We took a tour through his replacement heifers and bulls. Some allowed us to scratch on them and numerous calves came up and licked on our jackets. After that experience I was hooked and purchased my first group of Red Angus cows that same day.”

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