Electric livestock waterer

SPi Livestock Waterers' EE10NG is a double-walled, molded-polyethylene unit that can be wall or floor mounted. Suitable for a variety of livestock, it features polyurethane insulation and 250-watt submersible heater. The low-profile unit is recommended for 10 head or single-stall use, is corrosion-free and features a large drain plug.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Pasture/rangeland insecticide

FMC Corporation announces EPA approval of Mustang Max insecticide for use in pasture and rangelands, the first pyrethroid with such a label claim. Mustang Max is labeled for insect control on more than 128 crops, including control of both grasshoppers and true and fall armyworms, in mixed and solid grass pastures.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Fly control

Central Life Sciences introduces ClariFly Larvicide, an EPA-registered feed additive for the prevention of house and stable flies in confined beef and dairy operations.

Mixed in feed, the active ingredient in ClariFly interrupts the fly's life cycle when passed through the digestive system into the manure. The mode of action interrupts the normal molting process of fly larvae, which hinders proper exoskeleton formation.

ClariFly is labeled for confined cattle, including lactating dairy cows, slaughter, stocker and feeder cattle and calves, including veal calves. There is no withdrawal period.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Expanded profile

Merial's Igenity® profile is expanded to include analyses for heifer pregnancy rate, stayability (longevity), calving ease and docility. In addition, Genex Cooperative, Inc. is now providing information from Igenity profiles on all sires in its beef lineup, and can be found at the Genex website, www.genex.cri.net.com.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Disc mowers

Vermeer® 40-Series disc mowers are available in four models with widths of 6 ft., 9 in. (Model 5040); 7 ft., 10 in. (Model 6040); 9 ft., 2 in. (Model 7040); and 10 ft., 6 in. (Model 8040). The units feature 5-mm knives, the Vermeer Quick-Clip® Blade Retention System, and self-contained and prepackaged cutting discs on the cutter bar. Cutting heights are variable from 1¼ to 2½ in.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Combined animal ID effort

AgriLabs and Allfex USA join forces to deliver animal ID products and support services to livestock producers. With AgriLabs' AgriTag® product line manufactured by Allflex, the tags - available in three sizes and four colors - are packaged in resealable 25-count bags and feature Infection Protection antibacterial coating on each stud to aid in proper healing after the tag is applied. The tag's wider neck and larger panels allow more space for management information. Producers can use either the AgriTagger applicator or the Allfex Universal Total Tagger to affix tags.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Genotyping available

Illumina, Inc. launches the Infinium BovineSNP50 BeadChip, a 12-sample genotyping product available for detecting genetic variation in any breed of cattle. Featuring more than 54,000 SNPs evenly spaced across the entire bovine genome, 24,000 were discovered using Illumina's Genome Analyzer and are not available on any other commercial array.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Colostrum supplement

Specially formulated for newborn calves, Colostrx Plus® from AgriLabs contains 55 grams of globulin protein, as well as whey. It's recommended as an aid in avoiding passive-transfer failure and maintaining intestinal health when fed within 24 hours of birth. Available in convenient, single-dose, 16-oz. foil packets, it's easy to open and mixes with lukewarm colostrum, liquid milk replacer or water.
(Circle Reply Card No. 108)

Compact tractor

New Holland's T2300 Series Boomer 40-50 hp compact tractors feature power, maneuverability and operating ease. Tractors feature two transmission choices: hydrostatic, which allows the operator to adjust speed and change from forward to reverse with dual food pedals without needing to clutch; and a 12×12 Synchronized Shuttle Shift manual gear transmission. Also available is a SuperSuite cab with 60 cu. ft. of interior space. Tractors feature a SuperSteer front axle to provide the tightest turnaround diameter on the market.
(Circle Reply Card No. 109)

Beefed-up welder/generator

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has increased the output of its Bobcat® 250 and Trailblazer® 302 Kohler gas-powered and Kubota diesel-powered welder generators to an Accu-Rated 11,000 watts of useable peak power. “Accu-Rated” is Miller's guarantee the welder/generator will provide the stated peak power for a minimum of 30 seconds at 104 °F. All models also have a large 12-gal. fuel tank for long runtime and high-impact protective armor.
(Circle Reply Card No. 110)

Side-by-side 4-wheeler

Yamaha's 2008 Rhino 700 FI Automatic 4×4 side-by-side vehicles feature a 686cc engine, push-button 2WD/4WD, 12.1-in. of ground clearance and a 7.9-gal. fuel tank. A 12-volt accessory outlet comes standard, as does a two-in. receiver, while the cargo bed boasts a 400-lb. capacity with tilt levers on both sides of the bed.
(Circle Reply Card No. 111)

Value-added program

Micro Beef technologies and Midwest MicroSystems' Cow Sense® Verified Program is a value-added program that provides cow-calf producers an integrated, comprehensive tool to age and source verify cattle, and qualify for numerous domestic and export market programs.

The integrated system enables information exchange and verification for individual animals, herd-management practices and continuous economic improvement. Cow Sense customers can use the Micro Beef Verification Services to qualify cattle for a variety of value-added specification beef programs. Participants can also share and receive information with participating feedlots.
(Circle Reply Card No. 112)

Animal repellent canister

Havahart® expands its Critter Ridder® line with a 5-lb. Critter Ridder granular shaker canister. The canister features a comfort-grip handle and adjustable shaker spout. OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)-listed and USDA-approved for organic gardening, Critter Ridder repels skunks, dogs, cats, groundhogs, squirrels and raccoons. One application lasts up to 30 days.
(Circle Reply Card No. 113)