“You would be crazy not to test!” says University of Missouri Extension geneticist Jared Decker, who opines on his blog www.steakgenomics.blogspot.com that genomic selection and genomic-enhanced EPDs provide the same amount of information as 10-20 progeny.

“The buyers of these six-figure bulls could have collected much more data and significantly reduced their risk of making a poor purchasing decision,” he writes. “They could have demanded that the bull be tested with a genomic panel prior to the purchase. If the seller is getting six figures for a bull, I'm sure he can scrape up $85 for a genomic test.

“When we purchase a bull, we are making a decision that will affect our herds for years to come. By purchasing bulls with genomic-enhanced EPDs, buyers are getting a clearer picture of what they are actually purchasing. In my opinion, you would be crazy not to test!”

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