Monthly sales and featuring summary reports continue to give you a snapshot look at beef's performance over the last month, quarter and year. The latest numbers for beef retail trends show an increase in dollars spent on meat in September 2008.

1. While beef dollar sales grew (+.7%), the sales for chicken (+7.8%) and pork (+4.5%) grew more dramatically, and this trend was observed in both the 13 and 52 week periods.

2. Pound sales for beef (-2.4%) declined, while both chicken (+5.1%) and pork (+2.3%) advanced. This trend is similar to the 13 week period and while dollar sales advanced for beef in the 52 week period, they were less than the growth chicken and pork achieved.

3. The average prices for all meat rose 2.1% to $2.99. Beef pricing (+3.2%) rose more than both chicken (+2.6%) and pork (+2.2%).

4. Beef featuring (+2.7%) lead the increase in meat featuring (+.4%) and was ahead of both chicken (+1.3%) and pork (-1.3%).

5. Beef's share of featuring rose to 46.1%, which was sharply higher than both chicken's share (22.3%) and pork's share (20.1%).

To view additional charts, see the full Beef Retail report.