The beef industry has worked hard in recent years to get more products in the store that meet customers’ needs for a grab-and-go meal. According to a research study funded by the beef checkoff and conducted by Mintel International Group, the number of new products that include beef are increasing.

Beef products launched as the center-of-the-plate protein increased 31% from 2004 to 2008. Launches in 2009 slowed to below the 2008 launch rate, attributed to the impact of the financial downturn. Beef had more product launches than chicken, pork and turkey from 2004 to the first five months of 2009. In 2008, there were 130 beef product launches, 96 chicken, 92 pork and 36 turkey.

Top flavors of products launched are beef flavor, beef and teriyaki, beef and vegetable and teriyaki. Others include beef and cayenne pepper, beef and chicken and pork, marinara and pepperoni, mushroom and wine, and beef and pepper and smoke.

The Beef Innovations Group (BIG), funded by the beef checkoff, is always working to develop concepts for products that meet the consumer's demand for convenience. View all here.