Obesity is a growing problem in the U.S. today, one that oftentimes overshadows the growing problem of food insecurity in the country. According to data from Feeding America, the nation’s food bank network, one in eight Americans goes to bed hungry at night, and one in six children are undernourished, as well.

In a joint effort, Walmart and Feeding America have pledged to do a better job of getting food that would otherwise be wasted in the hands of the hungry, helping to feed a hungry America.

According to NPR, “Americans waste an estimated 150 billion lbs. of food/year, with much of it coming from supermarkets and other retailers. Food banks increasingly are trying to get their hands on some of that food to help feed the hungry. The big challenge is time. It's a race to get the groceries off the shelves and into the mouths of those who need it before it spoils.

“In an ambitious undertaking, Walmart and Feeding America are trying to make the system work. Walmart last year pledged to donate $2 billion in food and other aid to food banks over five years, the largest donation of its kind.”

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