May is “Beef Month,” an observance started 45 years ago to salute the beef industry from pasture to plate.

For many of us that “industry” is just a part of everyday life. Mostly, we’re not ranchers or cowboys, but just folks with a few cows. The average herd size in Missouri is 36, according to the Missouri Beef Industry Council (MOBIC). Some of us have many more than that, and many are similar to me and my neighbor, running five head on shared pasture.

Large or small, we’re all part of a $1.5 billion industry in this state, and our cows are among more than 2 million head thriving on 12 million acres of Show-Me pastures. Tally all of our beef and dairy cows, calves, bulls and steers and we take care of 4.45 million head of cattle. That’s about two bovines for every household in the state.

If you’re running cows, you’re among 68,000 Missourians with cattle, part of what makes the state second in the nation in beef cow numbers, according to the MOBIC.

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