Winterizing the truck, tractors and whatever other equipment you have is often second nature. Do not forget about the livestock. This can be a difficult time for animals. There are several areas that you should pay careful attention to.

Depending on how far north you are winter shelter may vary. Most cattle in Missouri can make do with windbreaks or roof and a windbreak. A wooded area is often adequate to fulfill this purpose.

The very worst scenario is to provide shelter that does not have adequate room. It is paramount that there is room for every animal and enough airflow to allow any heat provided by the animals to dissipate. Cattle that are given access to a building that is too small with inadequate airflow will build up excess heat. This will cause them to get warm and increase the moisture in the air. This “steaming” of the cattle is perilous when they are forced to leave the shelter for food and water.

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