The Tennessee Farmland Legacy Conference will open up the floor for families to discuss their farm's future. The conference which will be held Oct. 9-10 at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, Tenn. The event will address a number of opportunities available to families who are facing or will someday face the questions that come with inheriting property.

If you grew up on a farm, nobody has to tell you a farm is a good thing. Chances are, memories of life on the farm are some of your most cherished, and you will never, never cease to feel its pull.

But will you ever go back? What will become of that farmland you either now own, or will someday own with siblings? If you do intend to stay on or go back to the family farm, who will be the actual owner or owners of the property, and who will have control over how the property is used?

As our population grows and city limits continue to extend further and further into the countryside, family farms are facing new challenges. The upcoming “Tennessee Farmland Legacy Conference” could provide some answers — or at least get an open and healthy conversation started among family members — about a number of options to help ensure that your family farm can remain in the family, and become a lasting legacy for its surrounding community.

Farmers, farm family members and community planners can register for the conference online at or by calling (865) 974-0280.