Current research projects and the history of the Kansas State University (K-State) Beef Stocker Unit are discussed in an audio slide story featuring Dale Blasi, K-State Extension specialist and professor of animal sciences. The story features the arrival of long-hauled calves from eastern Tennessee to the unit. See the story.

“Presently we are conducting research on our native grass pastures, evaluating various formulations for ensuring we deliver adequate levels of an ionophore, in particular Rumensin; and also evaluating the self delivery of dried distillers grains on grass as we approach the fall grazing season,” said Blasi, who is professor in charge of the K-State Beef Stocker Unit.

The unit consists of 1,120 acres acquired by the university in 1948, currently providing an avenue for backgrounding and stocker cattle research. The unit is focused on providing high quality beef research to the state of Kansas and the nation through timely research to producers, regarding the latest industry information and advancements on the production and marketing of stocker cattle. The goal is to provide producers with cost effective results and the public with a safe product.