A quick glance at beef production figures from throughout the world shows the United States on top.

  • United States 12.2 million tons
  • EU-27 8.2 million tons
  • Brazil 9.2 million tons
  • China 6.2 Million tons
  • Argentina 3.2 million tons
  • India 2.6 million tons
  • Mexico 2.5 million tons
  • Australia 2.1 million tons
  • Russia 1.3 million tons
  • Canada 1.2 million tons.

Looking at the worlds top beef exporting nations Brazil, India, Australia and Argentina, the above figures are hard to make sense until you look at the following facts:

Indians do not eat beef as they are Hindu. Australia only has 20 million people as opposed to the United States’ 300 million. Brazil, despite a population of 80 million, is also in the top three of pork and poultry production, which covers 40% of the home market.