Micro-encapsulated ProTernative yeast is available from Ivy Natural Solutions for use in pelleted feed. ProTernative Continuous Fed formula (CF) is a rumen-specific live yeast that enhances rumen health and function. ProTernative Stress formula (SF) is an active, live-yeast strain that works specifically in the lower gastrointestinal tract to improve health and stimulate feed consumption. The SF formula is recommended for use during the first 28 days in the starter ration or when cattle undergo stress during the feeding period.

Both products are available in 5- and 20-kg units for use by feed manufacturers in the production of pelleted feed, as well as an active live-yeast concentrate for a top-dress.

DNA markers target feed efficiency

Bovigen LLC introduces the industry's first and only DNA test to identify an animal's genetic ability to efficiently convert feed. The GeneSTAR® Feed Efficiency test consists of four markers that together identify as much as a 15% difference in daily feed consumption with no effect on other measures such as average daily gain, carcass weight, quality grade or yield grade.

Plans for reproductive center

Trans Ova Genetics will open a state-of-the-art embryo transfer (ET) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) station in Centerville, TX by Nov. 1. The new lab will focus on ET, IVF and sex-sorted semen, and have the capacity to care for up to 200 donor cattle at any given time. The new facility is designed to make it easier for clients to haul their own recipients for immediate transfers.

Preserve silage

Biozyme's Field Fresh provides ideal preservation conditions and increases nutritional values of silages. Specifically formulated with Amaferm Liquid, Field Fresh's several modes of action can be used on a variety of ensile feeds, including corn silage, small grain silage, legume silages and high-moisture grains. It's designed to enhance initial fermentation and then preserve nutrients while directly preventing harmful mycotoxins and molds. Non-caustic and safe to handle, the application rate is 1 oz./ton of treated silage.

Shipping fever immunity

Dow AgroSciences Animal Health has licensed from the University of Guelph (UG) the leukotoxin antigen LKT-50, which it will use in its Concert Plant-Cell-Produced System to develop a vaccine against Mannheimia haemolytica or shipping fever.

Concert system technology utilizes plant cells instead of whole plants to produce vaccines in a secure, bio-contained environment. The process results in subunit vaccines that use only the necessary parts of the bacteria to stimulate immunity against disease without stressing the animal.

Weather station

Spectrum Technologies, Inc. has redesigned its WatchDog® weather station. Including expanded wireless communications that allow for drive-by data downloading up to 1,000 ft. away and data monitoring from two miles away, the new design can store data up to 183 days. It also has an enhanced LCD display screen and extended battery life to 12 months.

Roping Chute

Designed by champion ropers, Powder River livestock handling equipment introduces the Elite Roper roping chute. Fully powder coated, it's available with custom logo and graphics. The Elite Roper measures 86-in. long, 35-in. wide, 61-in. tall and weighs 525 lbs.