Freedom Mount™ loaders

Westendorf's Freedom Mount Series of loaders feature a low-profile, curved box I-beam arm, contractor-grade bucket with remote couplers to change attachments with the push of a button, simple bracket design, protected hydraulic lines and Gold-Line cylinders, extended lift height, and clean dump and water holding roll-back angles. The implements boast a tool-free, stand-free dismount design with automatic lock-on feature. Suggested list price is from $10,125 to $15,715, depending on the model and size (up to 260 HP). For more information, call 866-562-3374 or visit

Advanced Livestock Tracker

Advanced Livestock Tracker introduces its 2010 feedlot management software. All reports and processes in the original program have been retained, plus improved navigation. All data can be retrieved and edited, and information archived for later viewing. Advanced Livestock Tracker 2010 for smaller feedlots with 20 pens or less is also available, and a link to QuickBooks® accounting software soon will be available at no additional cost. Current QuickBooks® users can import information from Advanced Livestock Tracker directly to the accounting program.

For more information, call 888-382-7227 or visit

eTattoo™ approval

Eriginate™ Corporation announces USDA approval of its eTattoo™ tag, the first ultra-high radio frequency identification (UHF RFID) tag and the first non-low-frequency tag to be approved for use with the “840” Animal Identification Number.

eTattoo is the first and only cattle-management system to utilize UHF RFID, operating at 915 MHz. The tag allows users to collect data from individual animals housed in large pens or across groups of pens in a fraction of a second, even while animals are moving. The read range is optimized to allow producers to collect data from either the front or back of the animal at a distance of up to 25 ft. using a fixed reader, or up to 15 ft. using a handheld device.

eTattoo is a panel-style tag that incorporates both visual and electronic identification, enabling management information to be printed on the tag and alleviating the need for separate visual and RFID tags. Because of the enhanced performance of the eTattoo technology, the tags and readers can be quickly incorporated into existing cattle handling systems without the need for costly infrastructure changes.

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Bale density adjuster

Get on-the-go control of density of small square bales with Scott Seaver Co. LLC's Unstoppable Density Adjustor™. An enhancement to the Airbaler system introduced in 2007 and now in use by hay growers throughout North America, the new Adjustor includes a baler-mounted air compressor and a tractor cab-mounted switch that allows the operator to increase or decrease the density of bales with the flip of a switch to add or remove air pressure from the system without slowing down. Bales of consistent size and weight stack and ship better, thus providing hay buyers with added value.

For more information, call 231-981-0031 or visit

Commercial mixers

Kuhn Knight-brand's RC Series TMR mixers are redesigned and tested for the most demanding applications. Available in trailer, truck and stationary models ranging in capacity from 500-950 cu. ft. and adaptable to roughage or small grains, heavy-duty drives provide fast, thorough mixing for the heaviest feedstuffs while still combining ingredients gently to minimize feed breakdown. Low-horsepower requirements mean these machines are economical to operate. For more information, visit