New waterers

Suggestions from customers, distributors and dealers have led to the release of the EcoFount 1 and EcoFount 2 — two new highly energy-efficient livestock waterers from Ritchie Industries. Fully enclosed with thermal caps to maintain water temperature, the waterers feature a large access panel for easy access to waterline and heating elements, as well as ease in cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the new waterers feature a stainless-steel trough and a flip-top cover solidly connected to the waterer on both ends with a steel rod. The units have an animal capacity of 30 head of horses and cattle and 60 head of horses and cattle, respectively.

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Delivery box

MMI's new line of delivery boxes is designed to handle high concentrations of distiller grains, which can plug equipment and lead to uneven feedout. High-torque hydraulic motors provide the power to move heavy distiller grains, and the high-end hydraulic system includes sensors and feedback loops to ensure an even, consistent feedout. The sensing system also detects pressure on the beaters and regulates the floor chain to reduce the load.

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