Ratchet X Tie-Downs

SmartStraps Ratchet X Tie-Downs make packing faster, easier and safer. Made of lightweight aluminum designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, the professional-grade products feature an ergonomic, flared handle that allows for maximum leverage, while a sewn-in, “soft-tie” loop secures cargo without scratching or damaging paint or chrome. Available in packages of one to four and lengths of 10-14 ft., Ratchet X Tie-Downs can handle workloads of between 500-1,000 lbs.

For more information, call 216-618-0680 or visit: www.smartstraps.com/.

New trailer models

Sooner Trailer debuts its Legacy and Saratoga high-end trailers. Both trailers have standard high-visibility LED exterior lights, while LED light strips in the horse area increase visibility for owners, too. They also have more head room in the gooseneck for greater convenience, and new axles increase clearance height. The horse areas include hand-built drop down feed doors and a fully carpeted rear tack area. Both the Saragoga and the Legacy are available in gooseneck and living quarters models.

The Legacy was designed with cowboys in mind and features a tough exterior, complete with an extruded nose rail. Meanwhile, the Saratoga caters to both Western and English riders.

Visit www.soonertrailers.com or call 1-800-800-1230 to learn more.

Silage-pile facer

Riverview LLP's Easy Rake Silage Facer is available in multiple sizes and takes the hassle out of facing forage piles. With no moving parts to maintain, orbital motors to replace, or hydraulic hoses, the facer is the most durable, maintenance-free design on the market and allows for faster switching of loader attachments. For more information, call 320-392-5609 or visit www.easyrakefacer.com.

NH genetic test

Pfizer Animal Genetics announces a diagnostic test for the genetic defect Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH). A lethal genetic defect, NH affects Angus and Angus-influenced cattle, and calves carrying two recessive genes — resulting from the mating of two carrier animals — are born dead with an extremely large cranium with little or no brain matter or spinal cord. NH fatalities via embryonic or fetal loss often go undiagnosed.

Pfizer Animal Genetics has been approved by the American Angus Association as an NH testing laboratory. For each animal tested for NH before Sept. 30, producers will earn a $10 credit towards future GeneSTAR® MVP testing. The credits must be redeemed before Dec. 15. GeneSTAR MVPs are molecular value predictions for the economically relevant traits of feed efficiency, marbling and tenderness.

To learn more, call 1-877-233-3362 or visit www.pfizeranimalgenetics.com.

Osteopetrosis test

Pfizer Animal Genetics offers a diagnostic test for the genetic defect Osteopetrosis (OS), or Marble Bone Disease. A lethal genetic defect, OS influences Red Angus cattle. Affected calves are most often stillborn 10-30 days premature, while those born alive live less than 24 hours and have a short lower jaw and impacted molars. The long bones on the affected calves are fragile and can be broken with ease. The gene is inherited as a simple recessive.

Visit www.pfizeranimalgenetics.com or call 1-877-233-3362 for more information. For a list of list of OS-tested animals, go to: redangus.org/node/215.