Easy cattle flow

Dealing with cattle just got easier with Powder River's new Cattleman's Double Down Tub and Alley. The double alleyway makes cattle working quicker and easier by facilitating cattle flow from the tub to the chute. Choose the length of double alley that works for you and set up your complete tub and alley in two hours or less. Call 1-800-453-5318 for more information and to find your nearest Powder River dealer.

Pinkeye breakthrough

Vaccination against Moraxella bovis-caused pinkeye by is now a one-step process. Pfizer Animal Health's SolidBac® Pinkeye IR/PR® administers both the initial and booster doses at the same time with a unique delivery system.

The SoliDoser® applicator delivers two antigen pellets into the animal in one step. The immediate release (IR) pellet introduces pinkeye antigens to the immune system immediately, while the second programmed release (PR) pellet delivers pinkeye antigens slowly to the immune system during a two- to three-week period, providing the required booster dose. SolidBac Pinkeye IR/PR comes ready to use with controlled dosage, which means cattle producers can reduce waste and spillage.

Learn more at www.PfizerAH.com.

Round bale handler

Make your skid steer even more versatile with the DewEze 165ss round bale handler from Harper Industries, Inc. Designed for all skid steers or skid steer attach front-end loaders, the 165ss is ideal for stacking hay in sheds, unrolling hay or for use in spaces too small for your tractor. To learn more, call 800-835-1042 or visit www.deweze.com for local dealer information.

Prostaglandin distributor

AgriLabs has been named exclusive marketer of EstroPlan® (cloprostenol sodium) by Parnell Laboratories of Sydney, Australia. EstroPlan is a synthetic prostaglandin, similar in structure to prostaglandin F2a, containing 250-mcg/mL of cloprostenol. With a 2-mL dosage, EstroPlan is available in a 20-mL bottle and has a zero-day meat and milk withdrawal. To learn more, call 800-542-8916 or visit www.AgriLabs.com.


New Holland's H7150 Haybine® mower-conditioner combines the cutting capacity of a self-propelled windrower with the convenience of a pivot-tongue hitch. The H7150's tongue-mounted pivoting pump makes hookup easy. The sickle header features cutting widths of 14-ft., 3-in. to 18 ft., 3-in. To learn more, call 717-475-2152 or visit www.newholland.com/na.

Small-animal scale system

Tru-Test's Small-Animal Crate Scale System is designed to weigh small livestock including calves, swine, lambs, sheep or goats. Constructed of steel tubing with sheet-metal sides, it features a 4,400-lb. capacity. Front and back split gates allow easy access, it's portable and has a powder-coat finish. The system can be used with a Tru-Test digital scale indicator. To learn more, call 800-874-8494 or visit www.tru-test.com.

Unroll round bales

The Round Bale Unroller from Winkel Mfg. Co. can be used on trucks equipped with flatbeds and bale spikes. Its universal hook allows it to fit on most spike beds and can be customized to fit others. No extra hydraulics are needed. Bales are manually loaded by inserting the Unroller's adjustable spikes into the bale center and tightening with the unit's belt winch assist. It can unroll bales 4- to 5-ft. wide and up to 6-ft. tall, weighing up to one ton. To learn more, call 800-466-3606 or visit www.winkelmfg.com.

Farm software

Farm Works Version 2009 is the latest version of Farm Works farm-management software. Major additions include support of multiple clients, improved cash-flow statements, expanded budget comparison, detailed weather records and additional supply categories for manure and water. Mapping improvements include batch importing and exporting of background maps, display of angled text and streamlined job reporting. To upgrade your version or learn more, visit www.farmworks.com.