Supportive therapy

Catosal (10% Butaphosphan+cyanocolbalamin) Sterile Solution from Bayer Animal Health, the first and only injectable source of vitamin B12 and phosphorus, is now available in the U.S. Designed for the prevention and treatment of deficiencies of these nutrients in cattle, swine, horses and poultry, the prescription product is an important adjunct therapy for animals convalescing or susceptible to behavioral or environmental stress.

Nutrient deficiencies and other serious problems, especially in recovering animals, frequently occur due to stress. Stress causes release of the hormone cortisol into the bloodstream, which can impair the animal's immune response, cause appetite loss, increase disease susceptibility and reduce growth. Catosal minimizes the effects of nutrient and mineral deficiencies by providing B12 and butaphosphan, a unique organic source of phosphorus with a more complex molecular structure than other forms used in food-animal production.
Visit or call 800-422-9874.

Insecticide ear tag

The XP 820 Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag from Y-Tex Corp. is labeled for use on beef cattle, non-lactating dairy cattle and calves. A sustained release of the macrocyclic lactone compound provides long-lasting efficacy against horn flies and ticks.

Because the XP 820 compound of abamectin has never been used on cattle or other livestock in the U.S., there is no known horn fly resistance to it. It is EPA registered for up to five months of control of horn flies, including flies resistant to the pyrethroid and oganophosphate formulations. It also controls Gulf Coast and spinose ear ticks, reduces face flies and aids in control of several tick species including the American dog tick, the cattle fever tick and the lone star tick. Visit to learn more.

Free-choice parasite control

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health has received FDA approval for administration of Safe-Guard® (fenbendazole) 20% Pre-mix for free-choice feeding of liquid supplement to the beef and dairy industry. The formulation can be administered via a fixed molasses-based liquid feed supplement, allowing cattle to treat themselves for protection against internal parasites. To learn more, call Dave Bromert at 913-422-6032 or email

Stress support

Veterinary Care Vital Stress Formula from Nutrition Horizons is available in powder, pellet or capsule form and is designed to support stresses on ruminant immune systems. Using bioactive peptides and oligosaccharides, it ensures rumen bypass and serves as an adjunct to normal treatment. To learn more, call 800-846-4434 or visit

E. coli vaccine

Epitopix LLC has received a conditional license for the first E. coli O157 vaccine for cattle. Made with SRP® Technology and labeled for use in cattle to reduce the prevalence of the E. coli O157 carrier state and to reduce the amount of E. coli O157 shed in feces to minimize exposure and infection of herd-mates, the product license is conditional while additional potency and efficacy studies are completed. USDA approval allows Epitopix to sell the vaccine to the beef industry immediately. To learn more, visit