Fence controllers

Four low-impedence electric fence controllers are available from Zareba, each featuring Lightning Guard built-in lightning protection. Two models, the Zareba® A75LI and Red Snap'r® LI75, are AC-powered and ideal for use with all types of electric fencing, including poly wire, rope and tape. Both units are UL-listed and power through heavy weeds and, under ideal fence conditions, charge up to 75 miles of single-strand steel or aluminum fence wire. Their output energy rating is 4 joules @ 100 ohms of resistance.

The Zareba DC-powered B15LI uses a 12-volt battery (not included) to charge up to 15 miles of single-strand steel or aluminum wire and produces 0.5 joules of output energy.

The Red Snap'r DC-powered LIB60C operates with a 12-volt battery and is ideal for use with all types of electric fence wire. It can charge up to 60 miles of single-strand steel or aluminum electric fence and produces 2 joules of output energy. For more information regarding controllers, dial 800-272-9877.

Immunity paste

First Arrival® with Encrypt from AgriLabs is a paste designed to boost calves' immune system to help cope with scours. Its targeted egg yolk proteins help combat eight common scour-causing pathogens. Available in boxes of 12, 60-gram dial-a-dose tubes, 20 grams should be administered for mild scours, 40 for moderate scours and 60 for severe scours. To learn more, call 800-543-8916 or visit www.AgriLabs.com.

Step-in post

The 4-ft., poly step-in post from Zareba Systems features long-lasting, UV-resistant polypropylene and is available in white or black. Eight built-in wire holders are spaced for a wide variety of animals, including low-to-the-ground placements. Each wire holder accommodates up to 2-in. poly tape, as well as poly rope, poly wire and steel/aluminum wire. For additional information, call 800-272-9877.

Calf immune booster

Cellarator Turbo from Loomix is a paste designed to boost a calf's immune system while reducing stress after birth. Ingredients include microbials to balance the intestinal tract and minimize diarrhea, and electrolytes to restore normal body fluid and assist in the prevention of dehydration.

Besides vitamin E, Cellarator Turbo also contains Cell-rate, a proprietary ingredient with 15 years of research demonstrating it increases the production of white and red-blood cells and muscle tissue. Cellarator Turbo is available in 300-cc tubes. To learn more, call 877-788-4448 or visit www.loomix.com.

Pasture management

Pasture Pro Plus One Step Weed and Feed 15-0-0 from PBI/Gordon Corp. is a liquid combination product that can be applied to both pastures and lawns for weed control and fertilization. There's no waiting period for grazing after application it won't harm desirable grasses; and it provides control of such noxious weeds as bull thistle, yellow star thistle, cocklebur and jimsonweed. Useable twice/year, 1 gal. of product can treat 0.14 acres (6,000 ft.). To learn more, call 800-236-5415 or visit pbigordon.com/consumer.

Welder generator

The Wildcat 200 welder generator from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is capable of producing 6,500 watts of peak generator power and 200-amp DC Stick and TIG welding output. The fully enclosed case protects engine and internal welding components from damage by falling objects, dust and debris. It comes with a three-year warranty on the welder/generator and 14-hp Subaru engine. A 7-gal. gas tank provides 12 hours of runtime using 1/8-in. stick electrode. To learn more, call 800-4-A-Miller (800-426-4553) or visit www.MillerWelds.com.

Genetic defect test

A test for Arthrogryposis Multiplex is now being offered by Genex Cooperative, Inc. Samples may be submitted in the form of hair, blood or semen. To obtain a test kit, call 888-333-1783.

Starter feed

ArrivalMax is a cattle starter program from Kent feeds utilizing BoVantage technology. It's available in four feeding options based on the stress level of cattle and available feedstuffs: Complete, Energy, Supplement and Balancer. Each includes complex trace minerals for greater bioavailability, yeast for improved rumen activity; buffers to help restore rumen action and control acidity; and high levels of vitamins A, D and E. For more information, call 800-552-9620, Ext. 4541 or visit www.kentbeef.com.

Box spreader

The PS 150 and 160 ProSpread® box spreaders from Kuhn North America, Inc., have capacities of 500 and 600 heaped cu. ft., respectively. The units feature all-welded construction and a poly floor with a protected center driveline. Tough, solid materials can be spread with the hydraulically controlled, variable-speed apron. Vertical beaters are optional. To learn more, visit www.kuhnnorthamerica.com.

DNA test expanded

The Igenity profile now includes multiple-marker analyses for average daily gain and myostatin. In addition, the horned/polled analysis is now available for more breeds, which brings to nine the number of National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium-validated traits in the Igenity profile.

In addition, two software applications are available to help producers manage information from the Igenity profile.

  • A custom-sort software is designed to help producers sort and rank their animals based on traits most important to them. Users can apply a filter for traits, such as coat color, then apply weights or percentages to certain traits. The software will rank all cattle based on criteria entered.

  • The benchmark software is designed to help producers determine how their herd's genetics compare with others within their respective breed or the nearly half million cattle in the Igenity database.

To learn more, call 877-IGENITY or visit www.igenity.com/beef.

COOL tags

CoolTags from Destron Fearing are U.S.-coded, USDA-approved ID devices for producers to comply with mandatory country of origin labeling (COOL) laws. Producers may choose from four CoolTag options: a standard medium panel tag, an extra-large panel tag, RFID button or RFID panel combination. Tags are available in yellow or white, blank or with a management number, and are available in the exact amount needed. To learn more, call 800-328-0118 or visit www.destronfearing.com.