Coccidiosis treatment

Merial's CORID 20% Soluble Powder is now available in 10-oz. packets that make for easy dosing by adding to water tanks or mixing in individual buckets when watering calves. CORID 20% Soluble Powder is approved for both 21-day prevention and five-day treatment programs of coccidiosis. Used in water tanks and water proportioner systems, or as a drench, one 10-oz. packet will help prevent coccidiosis in 12 100-lb. calves or roughly three 400-lb. calves, while treating 25 100-lb. calves or six 400-lb. calves for the disease.

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MasterGraze forage

Masters Choice Hybrids' MasterGraze™ BMR is a high-sugar specialty forage that can be harvested by grazing, haylage or balage. MasterGraze™ BMR boasts an extensive tiller network that surpasses the feed tonnage production of summer sudans, while the Brown Mid Rib characteristics make the tonnage more digestible than other silage varieties. Lab analyses indicate protein levels of 15-20% and a low lignin content, making the whole plant up to 30% higher in digestibility than other forages, the company says.

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Heavy-duty chute

Winkel Mfg. adds a 16-ft. Stationary Loading Chute to its livestock-handling-equipment line. The massive chute offers brute strength with heavy-duty 12-ga. steel, complete with to-the-top grated floor catwalk, steel side panels and all-steel, no-slip flooring. A hand winch raises floor level for pots or lowers for trailers. Total weight is 2,400 lbs., and the chute features 2⅜-in.-diameter steel tubing with sidebars that wrap up and over the top for added strength and life.

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Diagnostic tag

FeverTags, a unique temperature-sensing device, allow producers to detect sick cattle with minimal effort. FeverTags is a nonintrusive thermometer placed in the ears of cattle to detect fever; a probe that runs into the ear canal and lies just next to the eardrum activates a flash every three seconds when the cattle body temperature rises above 103.6°F. The tag weighs less than 1 oz. It can be easily applied using the FeverTag Applicator and can be reused multiple times.

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Calf warmer

Save newborn calves from hypothermia with the Roy-L-Heat calf warmer from Smucker Mfg., Inc. The firm is also offering a free wireless camera with the purchase of a calf warmer at participating dealers. For a free packet of information on wireless cameras (systems start at $199), vehicle cameras and calf warmers, call 800-333-4503 or visit