Approval for foot rot treatment

Single-dose anti-infectives Draxxin® (tulathromycin) Injectible Solution and Excede® (ceftiofur crystalline free acid) from Pfizer Animal Health have received Food and Drug Administration to treat foot rot in cattle. Visit or for full prescribing information.

Help Prevent Foot Rot

The “Beef Cattle Handbook” suggests:

  • Keep cattle yard clean and free of sharp objects, like stones, glass or rough ground.
  • Cover frozen ground with straw.
  • Thoroughly clean pens and spread lime after cattle are removed.
  • Ensure cattle yards have adequate drainage.
  • Create a dry area for cattle to stand with mounds of soil, bedding or concrete slabs.
  • Use concrete in areas where cattle congregate, like water fountains and feed bunks.
  • Spread lime with 5-10% added copper sulfate around watering units and feed bunks.
  • Consider the use of walk-through footbaths.
  • Provide good nutrition, including phosphorous, vitamins A and D, and zinc.

Respiratory vaccine approval

USDA has granted approval of Mycomune® R vaccine to help prevent respiratory disease in calves caused by Mycoplasma bovis. The vaccine contains antigens against four economically important strains of M. bovis and is approved for beef and dairy calves as young as three weeks of age. Mycomune R was developed by CEBA Biomune and is marketed exclusively in the U.S. by Agrilabs. For more information, call 800-542-8916.

Plastic supplement container

Cyrstalyx supplements are now available in non-returnable, 200-lb. plastic barrels that offer a lighter, economical handling solution. Crystalyx products are also available in 250-lb., returnable steel barrels and the biodegradable BioBarrel®. For more information, dial 507-388-9488.

Welding apparel

Hobart Welding Products welding apparel line includes leather and cloth welding jackets, a leatherapron and welding sleeves. The items are designed to keep sparks, heat and ultra-violet rays from harming exposed skin.

The leather welding jacket is made from split cowhide, heavy-duty stitching and reinforced snaps. A lighter alternative is the cloth welding jacket, made with INDURA 100% flame-resistant cotton. Both jackets are available in L, XL and XXL sizes.

The leather apron is made from split cowhide and is knee-length. Welding sleeves are 18 in. long and made from INDURA 100% flame-resistant cotton. More information is available by calling 877-HOBART1 (877-462-2781).

Animal management software

Pinnacle, from Tru-Test, is an advanced animal management software that integrates weighing, electronic ID and data collection. Data transfer is seamless with the Tru-Test XR3000 indicator via real-time or direct interface. To learn more about Pinnacle software, call 800-874-8494.