Dr. John Paterson, MSU's beef extension specialist, provided the latest information about ways for producers to make their cowherds more efficient during the annual educational meeting of the Gallatin Beef Producers.

Paterson, speaking at Headwaters Livestock of Three Forks, MT on Jan. 7, presented research data that was collected by Paterson, his staff and graduate students which pinpointed key characteristics of highly productive beef cattle.

Paterson provided information from recent research conducted on 120 first calf Angus, Angus x Simmental and Simmental heifers from the Bair Ranch that were fed at the GrowSafe Research Facility at Montana State University in Bozeman.

Paterson said one definition of an efficient cow is the ratio of pounds of calf weaned/the unit of forage consumed. Another definition that can be used is the pounds of calf weaned/pounds of female exposed to a bull.

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