Headlines have blared the last few weeks about the huge E.coli outbreak in Europe. The world’s food industry has spent billions on food safety measures and interventions, but food-borne illness persists, though the record is improving. Meanwhile, a proven, under-used, silver bullet to the problem exists – food irradiation (See "Irradiation Would Have Prevented European E.coli Disaster"). Log your view on this week’s poll question at BEEF: Should the U.S. beef industry be more aggressive in promoting the use of food irradiation?

  • Yes, it’s proven to be an effective, cost-effective, final step.
  • No, let’s continue to spend money finding other interventions.
  • Don’t know

Meanwhile, last week’s online poll question – How important do you believe international beef trade is to U.S. cattle prices? – garnered more than 100 votes, with the clear and overwhelming majority (76%) saying it’s “essential.” Meanwhile, 16% indicated international beef trade is “important” to U.S. cattle prices; 3% said it was “somewhat important,” and 4% said it was “not at all important.”

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