Lance Fox, a DVM from Appleton, WI, is headed for the top of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, and he’s sharing his adventure online.

The technical service vet for Alpharma Inc., Animal Health Division, set out March 25 to conquer Everest. His journey thus far has taken him from Wisconsin to Kathmandu, Nepal, followed by an eight-day trek to the remote Mount Everest Base Camp. Since arriving at Base Camp April 10, he’s been acclimating to the thinner air in preparation for an ascent to Mount Everest’s peak at 29,029 ft. in late May.

Fox intends to carry his sponsor’s logo (Alpharma Inc.) with him to the summit. And, as a veterinarian and technical service manager, he’ll also provide veterinary services by deworming the yaks used to carry gear and supplies during the long treks to the base camp. Deworming the yaks is made possible by the donation of Safe-Guard® from Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health.

Fox also plans to release some of his father's ashes at the top of the world.

Fox will be providing updates, including pictures and short videos. You can also get email updates whenever new blog posts are available.