Dennis Nelson of Milaca, MN won't soon forget #134, the ID tag one of his favorite, fertile females wears.

“She's got that determination to really make it, to really produce,” Nelson says.

Born 3/13/2004, the black, white-faced cow gave birth to her first calf on 5/2/2005 at just 15 months of age. She bred back without missing a beat, giving birth to twins at 2 years and five days on 3/18/2006.

“I never dreamt she'd breed back that quick,” Nelson says, wishing other cows in his 48-head herd generated that kind of production.

This past March, she hit pay dirt again, calving exactly one year later. And she's done it all unassisted.

At three years and seven months old, #134 already has three calves finished, and will wean her fourth this fall. Nelson estimates she weighs 1,100 lbs. and describes her as a docile, yet aggressive eater — which is why her calves have done well.