I am the owner and operator of a large, northern Colorado-based organic family farm. For me, it is imperative that we solve the immigration issue. The American farming industry is completely dependent on migrant farm hands. Without immigrant workers, crops wouldn't be picked and packaged; food wouldn't make its way to supermarket shelves for our families to purchase at affordable prices. In fact, farming in the U.S. would largely disappear without immigrant workers.

The Mountain West Summit: Forging a New Consensus on Immigrants and America was held in late October in Salt Lake City, UT. This summit gathered prominent business, faith, law enforcement and government leaders from Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho to think about pragmatic ways to solve our immigration challenges.

Although participants came from different states and perspectives, they were able to find common ground on the issue of immigration, by agreeing that the Mountain West's economy has been strengthened by hard-working immigrants who have provided essential labor in crucial sectors of our local economies.

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