What really makes a plant palatable, how creatures choose foods and protect themselves from toxins in plants, how to use a cow's natural behaviors to get her to eat a weed in as little as five days. Those are some of the issues covered in “Cows Eat Weeds: How To Turn Cows Into Weed Managers.”

Author Kathy Voth details her revolutionary process for training cows to eat weeds in as little as 10 hours over a 10-day period. Trained cattle gain weight at expected rates, and teach their herd mates and offspring. Even better, trained cows become more open-minded about forage in general and choose other pasture weeds on their own.

Learn more about the 150-page book (available for $38, plus shipping and handling or $68 for a book and DVD) at http://www.livestockforlandscapes.com/cowseatweedsbook.htm. Contact the author at kvoth@livestockforlandscapes.com.