A brand new twist on forage harvesting is producing alfalfa dubbed “Godiva Hay” that has some horses and cattle licking their lips as they consume alfalfa that's so well preserved it still looks wet.

The new cutting and drying process is the brainchild of Jeff Warren of Penn Yan, NY. In order to learn more about the process, he purchased his own alfalfa fields and haying equipment.

“My grandfather told me that one person with experience is worth two people with knowledge,” Warren says. “I couldn't imagine why it was so difficult to produce high quality alfalfa until I started cutting my own fields. It was then I learned that it only rains when you cut hay.”

Through his own experience, Warren realized producing consistently high quality hay was an impossible task using traditional methods. He partnered with several investors to develop a new process and modify equipment to fit the need of that process. The result is their company, Top Quality Hay Processors (TQHP). Warren foresees the new method bringing better quality to the forage business and new industry to agricultural communities across the nation.

“Hay fields supplying the plant need to be within a 30-mile range which means drying facilities are located in the community where the hay is processed,” Warren says. “Our franchise structure allows investors to build their own facility to produce this top quality hay.”

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