Whether you’re ecstatic or completely against USDA’s decision to deregulate Roundup Ready alfalfa (RRA), there’s no argument that it has caused a fierce fight that probably won’t go away for some time. Another effort designed to bushwhack RRA is even more ridiculous than before and hard to fathom.

When USDA finally decided to deregulate RRA without restrictions, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) immediately declared that it was ready to file a lawsuit. The announcement was expected from the organization that convinced a federal judge in 2007 to halt planting of RRA seed and ordered USDA to submit an Environmental Impact Statement.

The CFS has been taken to task in Harry Cline’s columns and there’s no one better when it comes to taking off the gloves and exposing those who claim to be watching out for the folks. In his Western Farm Press Feb. 12 column he summed up by saying, “Hate to keep hammering at this point, but these radical environmental groups do not truly care about the environment. They want to bring down Monsanto and corporate America.”

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