We live in what is often referred to as the “information age” but it is good old-fashioned communication that makes me the most excited about the upcoming Cattleman’s Choice Loomix, National Dealer meetings in Colorado Springs, scheduled for Aug 11-13, 2009. In an era when farmers and ranchers are driving tractors while they are tweeting, we are all getting told that we must be online with YouTube and Facebook, we send text messages and emails and all these other modern age communications, it is still the face-to-face discussions that make the most lasting impact.

For those who don’t know, I am the official Spokesman for Cattleman’s Choice Loomix; partnered with the company for a few months now it will be a tremendous opportunity for me to meet the entire Cattleman’s Choice Loomix family, as we all gather and gain from one another. Without question it is not easy to get a leg up in today’s business world, particularly in the feed business, but the one asset that will always have value is the empowered human being.

I don’t think I need to tell you that we are receiving attacks on every front in American Agriculture from environmental concerns to animal welfare to the nutritional content of the meat products we produce. I am reminded of a quote from the late President Ronald Reagan when he spoke in 1969 in Sacramento. He said, “The problem with our nation today is not what people know but rather too much of what we know isn’t so.” I believe that summarizes the challenges we all have in animal agriculture today.

The absolute best method for informing not only our customers but the 306 million Americans who are being grossly misinformed is to become more empowered ourselves and to set the record straight. Sure, the truth is on our side but unless we each accept the challenge to educate the nation one person at a time, it will continue to be the greatest story that no one has ever heard.

For example, how many know that 85% of the land mass of the United States is not fit for anything other than a ruminant animal? The ruminant animal takes a resource, cellulose material otherwise good only for fire, and generates the human essentials of life in food, fiber, pharmaceuticals and fuel. At Loomix, we are in the business of improving the of that cellulose material which really puts us in the lead in making the whole process happen.

From the pasture to plate, misconceptions are running rampant and I find that individuals who can set the record straight are in the driver’s seat. I have accepted it as my job not only to bring about a greater awareness of the Loomix name, products and services in the minds of the nation’s animal agriculture leaders but also to give you empowering information that you can use to tell our story.

Everyone in agriculture has a tremendous amount of frustration about what they are hearing and we really don’t know where to turn for facts. It is my belief that if we can empower you with some basic facts about the importance of what it is we do by converting natural resources into human consumable products; it will give you a noticeable advantage in the marketplace.

So while we all may believe that we do live in the information age, I look forward to getting to know the absolute best vehicle in getting our information conveyed to the public - you the people.

Without reservation, I am excited about the relationship I have with Cattleman’s Choice; we are in the business of providing innovation and imagination with its advanced quality controlled products, programs and education. Combine this mission with the people we have in the system and you can see exactly why the Loomix annual meeting is going to be the best crystal ball for showing us who directs the future of our business. If you haven’t noticed when you glance into a crystal ball, the first vision you find is that little reflection of yourself. What does that tell you about who controls your future?

--Trent Loos, Spokesman for Cattleman’s Choice Loomix, LLC