HSUS Considering a Referendum for Nov. 2010
Posted on June 26, 2009 at 2:56 PM
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Yesterday the Ohio Senate voted unanimously to allow a referendum to be put on the November ballot creating a 13-member Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board as part of an amendment to the state’s constitution. The board would be charged to provide oversight on how farm animals are raised. It would include “a broad base of livestock care experts including family farmers, veterinarians, a food safety expert, a representative of the local human society members from the statewide farm organizations, the dean of the college of agriculture and members representing Ohio consumers,” according to the Web site of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, which pushed the measure through – quickly.

Wait a minute; I thought it was the Human Society of the United States that wanted to put a resolution on the state ballot? I thought it was the HSUS who called a meeting in February to let the Farm Bureau know it would be best to work with the animal welfare and vegetarian group compromise. After all this is the group that had just very successfully guided California’s Issue 2 through the ballot box about 3 months prior.

Paul Shapiro, senior director of the Factory Farming Campaign for HSUS says “disappointed” best describes the society’s reaction to the Ohio bill.

“This unfortunate handout to the agribusiness lobby seeks to enshrine in the state constitution a council that will codify the status quo vs. seeking meaningful improvement in livestock welfare,” says Shapiro.

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