In April, the New York Beef Industry Council, along with industry partners, hosted a “New York Veal/Dairy Tour 2010”. The tour was made possible with funding by the beef checkoff through a grant from the Federation Initiative Fund of the Federation of State Beef Councils. And for industry influencers who have a connection with the consumer, this event offered the opportunity to gain a better understanding of animal agriculture from pasture to plate and the relationship between veal and the dairy industry.

The event kicked off with tours of Noblehurst Farms (dairy), O-AT-KA Dairy, Provitello Veal Farm and Palmer’s Food Service/Retail. The group of 55 participants concluded the first day’s activities with a cutting demonstration at the New York Wine and Culinary Center. Day Two featured an additional demonstration at the Wine and Culinary Center where attendees explored how veal interacts in the marketplace; and, gave them a hands-on kitchen experience to create their own veal masterpiece.

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