South Korean lawmakers opposed to the fuller reopening of beef trade with the U.S. are threatening a lawsuit to stop the plan. The JoongAng Daily reports three opposition parties – United Democratic, Liberty Forward and Democratic Labor – planned to file a constitutional suit this week to stop the government from implementing the terms of a Korea-U.S. agreement on imported beef.

“We want to protect the people from harm to their lives, health and safety. This cannot be done if the Minister of Agriculture legally implements the agreement,” the lawmakers said in a draft of the lawsuit. The lawmakers also want the government to go back to the bargaining table with the U.S. to hammer out key changes to the agreement before the beef imports are approved, among them is tougher feed regulations, the article says.

“Without a renegotiation on the beef deal, there is no point in discussing the ratification of the free-trade agreement," said Kim Hyo-seuk, the United Democratic Party floor leader.