Today’s livestock producers should keep an eye on university standards for animal care because those are a hint at what eventually will happen in the future on farms and ranches. Among the new issues is how genetically engineered animals are cared for.

“People want assurances,” says John McGlone, an animal science professor and director of the Pork Industry Institute at Texas Tech University. “They want a credible program to make sure someone is looking after the animals directly and that somebody is checking that they’re looking at the animals directly, at all levels.”

McGlone was one of the speakers at the recent Livestock Biotech Summit, sponsored by an industry trade group called the Biotechnology Industry Organization. The Sioux Falls, SD, event attracted 200 people and started with an animal-care session and ended with a genetic-engineering session. Among the luminaries were South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds, who announced that his state would like to build a biotech animal research facility in the state, but gave no specifics on where, when, financial costs or sources.

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