The National FFA convention comes to the Hoosier state this week and everything is fixed up, fueled up and ready to roll. For the 5th year, Toyota is providing a fleet of 25 vehicles to help keep the FFA convention moving this week. Again this year, CountryMark is providing the fuel for this fleet. John Lance, CountryMark vice president of marketing, says it is a way for Indiana‘s fuel co-op to support the FFA, “It is a real privilege for us to partner with National FFA and Toyota.”

The courtesy cars will be used to transport FFA staff and leaders to the many different convention venues in the city.

This year in addition to fuel, CountryMark is providing information on the dangers of distracted driving. “At CountryMark, safety is a top priority,” says Lance. “We want to remind our visitors to stay focused and be safe when behind the wheel.” With over 50,000 high school students in town, there will be a lot of texting going on. That is one reason Lance says they want to emphasize the dangers of cell phone use while driving. Informational cards have been placed in each vehicle with tips on staying focused while driving.

To read the entire article, link here. Check out BEEF Daily this week for updates on the National FFA Convention as it unfolds. Blogger Amanda Radke will be covering the event from Indianapolis.