What do you get when you bus a few hundred school kids to a farm or ranch for a day of learning about the rural life and where our food comes from? You get the controlled chaos of county-based educational events variously known as “Ag Day,” “Ranch Days” or “Kids, Kows and More.”

Such events, supported by the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service, with additional participation from a variety of agencies and organizations, have taken place in numerous New Mexico counties this spring, as they have for years.

The ones that are officially labeled “Kids, Kows and More” are sponsored in cooperation with the Southwest Dairy Farmers and are designed primarily for fourth and fifth graders. According to Rick Richardson, Extension 4-H youth development specialist and state coordinator of KKM, eighteen New Mexico counties currently host KKM programs, with most happening during April and May. Dona Ana County’s KKM event took place at the Farm and Ranch Museum in Las Cruces on March 29.

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