Farm kids may be tough, but they're also accident prone. Each year, approximately 24,000 (65 every day) children are seriously hurt on our nation's farms. The most common causes of injuries to farm kids come from slips and falls, animals, farm machinery and all-terrain vehicles.

Children are exposed to the same farm hazards as adults, but they are far less capable of understanding the danger. While parents can't completely childproof a farm, here are some ways to help keep them out of harm's way.

Never let a young child drive a tractor. They're not developed enough until about age 14. Post "no rider" decals on tractors and don't allow passengers. Remove keys when not in use. Secure master shields on PTOs and augers. Always know where children are when backing up, and double-check blind spots. Helmets and roll-bars are essential for ATV safety. Never let a child drive or ride an adult-size ATV.

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