As part of National Autism Awareness Month in April, Temple Grandin, world-renowned animal scientist, sat down with one of her graduate students at Colorado State University (CSU) to discuss her work in autism advocacy, animal behavior and food-animal welfare.
Grandin – who thinks in pictures – describes her life experiences to demonstrate that people with different abilities contribute vitally to the world.

“It’s important to have different kinds of minds because different kinds of minds are good at different things. For example, in scientific research, what I’m good at is visualizing the methods of the experiment,” says Grandin, a professor in the CSU Department of Animal Sciences. “I can actually see the cattle or other animals in my mind. Then you need to have the mathematician kind of thinker to do the statistics.

“But you need both kinds of minds to get good projects.”

The HBO movie based on her early life, “Temple Grandin,” won a coveted Peabody Award on March 31, adding to accolades including seven Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

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