A new embryo transfer (ET) rule, which takes effect on Jan. 1, 2012, will require Angus producers who want to register embryo transfer (ET) calves to request an ET authorization when the first owner of a calf is different than the owner of the donor dam.

The new Rule 104(d)(12), adopted at the American Angus Association’s September Board meeting, states: If the first owner of the calf is different than the owner of record of the donor female, and the embryo removal date is on or after Jan. 1, 2012, the owner of the donor female must obtain and transfer an ET Authorization to the account of the first owner before the calf is eligible for registration.

“Embryos may pass through several hands before a calf is born and registered,” says Don Laughlin, director of member services. “ET Authorizations allow the person who is responsible for flushing the donor cow to confirm dates, sires and type of flush (such as in vitro or split embryo) on a calf through the association’s AAA Login service.”

The authorization will confirm ET registrations when the breeder and first owner are not the same, creating a record between the buyer and seller of the embryos.

The new rule will not affect every Angus producer. In fact, fiscal year numbers at the end of FY 2011 showed approximately 15% of all embryo registrations would need an ET authorization to be registered, if the rule was previously in place.

“Before the new rule, the sire, donor dam, embryo removal date, sex of the calf and the birth date from the first owner (the person registering the ET calf) was known. Now, thanks to information from the person who owned the donor dam at the time of the flush, we will know the parentage, range of age and possibly the sex on any pregnant recipients. This increases accuracy of the Association’s records and decreases errors,” Laughlin says.

He adds, “This rule will also provide an avenue for a seller to monitor registration of embryos or confirmed pregnancies from the donor of which they no longer have control.”

Authorization is free and processed through AAA Login, similar to artificial insemination (A.I.) certificates. Contact the member service department at 816-383-5100 for more information.